Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A veery very long picnic

Yesterday I went to Mayflower's house - I was delivering her 90's, saved by the bell-style cell phone (aka her home portable phone that she had accidently left in my car). I came in and her and Flair and Mynine were having a "picnic" on a mat on the floor. Right away, to avoid failed expectations and tears, I let Flair know that I wasn't able to stay long. She said, "but can you come to the next picnic? It's starting now". I replied, "Yes of course, I can come for a little while". She said, "But you have to stay for the whole picnic. And this is a very very long picnic". She's only 2 1/2! So cute.

That smart little tyke warms my heart.

1 comment:

Emberella Cat said...

love it. I hope you brought your parasol and stayed the whole day :)