Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Brain Sneezed

I'm a bit of an idjit, but the world loves me.

*the series of inspired idiocies that all worked out anyway*
I offered a girl notes for a class she missed. She took me up on the offer, and on sunday night we arranged to meet Monday after my class. We had to arrange specifically a time and place because my phone was dying and I wasn't planning on returning home before class Monday.
Monday arrived and I happily went to class and in the middle of class realized that I didn't have the notebook with the notes she needed for the same reason that my cell phone wasn't charged - I wasn't at home to pick it up. With the last beans of energy in my cellphone I shamefacedly texted her and apologized.
Today I emailed her and asked if she wanted to meet up today when her class finished at one, since my class would be done at noon. This was silly of me because my class STARTS at noon, and ends at 2:00.
but it gets better...
I spent the morning studying for a test in the very same noon-time class. In my head I'm thinking I'll leave at noon, and get there at 1:00 when class starts. At 11:30 I realize the flaw in this lovely piece of reasoning. I leap up in horror, get dressed, run down to queen street and into a taxi. At the same time I realize I've offered to meet my lovely class mate at 1:00, and I'm going to have to admit that not only did I forget to bring my notes the day before, but that today I can't even remember what time my classes are, at which point I'm pretty sure she wont want any notes I take!
I get to class 3 minutes before it starts.
I finish the test at 12:57.
I feel blessed.
I feel like I'm sitting in a beam of light from heaven, (or possibly a puddle of sweat), it's great.