Thursday, December 10, 2009

tinsel and lights

Last night as we lay on the couch replete from a meal of indian food, Rafiki mused that he was thinking about putting up his christmas tree this year, which he hasn't done in about 10 years.
"Would you like to do that tonight?" I asked, nuzzling the nape of his neck with my nose.
"That would be a good idea," he contemplated, "because I won't do it if you aren't here to help me decorate."
So we hauled it up for the basement. His brother looked deeply surprised and puzzled when we started pulling it out of the closet, and laughed in that "you're strange but in a kind of cute way" that I know so well. I've never put together a fake tree before. I kept saying things like, "okay, how do you put the tinsel on?" and "when do you stop putting tinsel on?"
We finished at midnight, and we well pleased with the effect of it glowing and tinseling in the corner of the living room.

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