Thursday, May 28, 2009

little green bug

1. I sent Rafiki the dramatic lemur, and he responded "Wow, what pretty eyes you have." Which confused me muchly, but he explained that the dramatic lemur reminded him of my eyes. Which made me laugh.

2. I rushed downstairs and outside with my pants undone and a triangle of lacy pink underwear showing because a very cute green bug was crawling about on my hand, and I wanted him to have a healthy environment. I think I have my priorities straight, despite some incidental flashing of construction workers.

3. I was chatting with Rafiki on msn, and Jaja read over my shoulder some of Rafiki's laughter and asked me to warn him that, "If you don't stop laughing maniacally, you'll start doing scientific experiments which will make your hair look a little ragged and rough, so watch out. Exploding beakers are not good for 'dos." Random and helpful advice :)

4. "In Fourier's utopian vision, humans would live in cooperative groups, called 'phalanges,' where they would 'cultivate cabbages in the morning and sing opera in the evening... Love and passion would bind men together in a noncoercive order.'" ~A.J. Jacobs Know It All.
Seems that man had his priorities straight too.

5. It's a sunny day out, a little bird told me the new pie shop near me got good reviews, and my table is a symphony of little jars of flowers in white and purple.

Monday, May 25, 2009


"Another reason to be happy – the following poem:

A tutor who taught on the flute
Tried to teach two tooters to toot.
Said the two to the tutor,
'Is it harder to toot,
Or to tutor to tooters to toot?'

This isn't one of my entries really. It's one of A. J. Jacob's from Know-It-All. I like that he liked it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Om nom nom nom.

Kryptonite showed up at my house with cinnamon scones from Cob's Bakery at 7:30 this morning, because he knows I like them. It totally made my day.

We made a feast of delectables last night:

The company was excellent, and the tastes delicious. There were several new flavours I'd never tried to make before. Lemon, cardanom, mint, chilli, lavender, ginger (all truffles) and some chocolate covered cherries. Lemon chocolates may have been my favorite of the oddities.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Internet Goodies

1. "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." ~ Marcel Proust




5. I like the photos and the username. Although I would like it better if it was what I first misread it as: "Snuggle in Exhile".

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

miracle plant

This last is a new addition. Mummy found it in the blooming in the basement, where it had grown without water or light. :)

flowers galore

I mentioned flowers nestled around my house were making me happy. Here they are:

Monday, May 18, 2009

sleep walking smile

I am happy about being mostly asleep. I wandered home with half closed eyes and dimples in my cheeks. Some man laughed and said, "Nice smile!" I must have looked funny. This pleased me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fragile and Full of Life

I was going to post photos since my house is full of flowers, but my camera has gone on an adventure and wont be back until tomorrow. In the meantime...

1. I like Julie Gong's philosophy in her post A Perfectly Useless Afternoon and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment that "It's really amazing what some senseless dancing by yourself can do to revive your soul. Its as though you shake lose all those worries and fears and just live in that moment..."

2. I like the sunshine.

3. I like the abundance of flowers at the garden centre. Spring has come extra early there and everything is beautiful and lush and fragile and full of life.

4. Rafiki and Jaja and Mama and I watched the Princess Bride together. I like that he can comfortably hang out with my family. We then played cat's cradle for an hour or so - it became sillier and siller, with attempts to play it with toes, to make up new patterns, and to play the game backwards. A little bit of madness and a comfy vibe - two of my favorite qualities in a friend.

5. I like this night to myself.

Friday, May 8, 2009


The sheer ignorance of Canadian geography by our neighbours to the south is occasionally so ridiculous.

Case in point, while speaking to a supplier from upstate New York

"So how's the moose hunting this year?"
"Pardon, moose hunting? Umm...I'm in Toronto, there's not really a lot of hunting in the city"
"Oh...I hear it's good meat that moose meat, better than beef"
"Hmm...interesting, I'll have to try that the next time I'm up north"

Later in the same conversation

"You get good wild turkey in your area? Wild turkey is great eating."
"Oh really? We don't really get a lot of wild fowl or game in Toronto. Good people hunting if you want that though."
"Y'know biggest city in Canada, tons of people, all different colours too. Barely even have to aim."

The conversation went back to business fairly quickly after that point.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I like it!

Shuffling my bookshelves into a new sort of order, I also found this poem that I wrote a few years ago when I was working on a farm. It really expresses how I feel today.

So, I sit around thinking
the breeze plays on my skin
and the sun shines.
Life is such a wealth of sensations
crowded into little moments
and BIG moments,
that it seems as if -
If I were to walk forever
I would want nothing more
than to be right here
as I am now,
With the sun on my face
ad the breeze in my hair.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

from the notebooks

Clearing things out and cleaning things up at the end of the school year, here are five rough drafts of poems that I scribbled in the backs of notebooks that I still like:

Intellectual Pirates

The two intellectual pirates
dressed in black;
when the world kicks them,
they plan on kicking back.

They confidently assert
nuanced theories of Marx;
The complexity of their interpretations
highlight shadows in the dark.

Their low voices rumble
confident in their predictions.
They share the same predilections
for late night doritos in bed.

They dress in rage
but speak politely;
they love their mothers,
but hold conventionality lightly.

I Shall Paint My Nails Green

I shall paint my nails green
as a sign of my defiance
because I search for more than
sweet and honest compliance.
They are a symbol: I shall search beyond
the surface of the soil, but dig deep
to find the heart of the matter
lay one finger on the truth
and with one shimmering nail tapping
point to the hidden and overlooked
my green nail a beacon
I want more than compliance.
I shall paint my nails green,
as a sign of self-reliance.

You call the shots

I love you like a tomato.
I think you're delicious like a
mongoose. You're a peach.
A dream. A thousand kisses,
and also thousands and thousands
of wishes. I must centre myself
like a spinning top, so my desire
doesn't crush you, but the
momentum of my affection
catches you up.


My heart.
Yours parted.
After this love affair
Should have started.

Bicycle Babe

Baby blue bicycle babe
Cycling through the world with incredible luck
Daring to differ with the world's dis-ease
Finding yourself easy to please
Feeling the wind blowing through your hair
Snaking and sliding away every care
Leave behind them scattered on the road
the only litter you leave as you go.

okay, there's six, because this one is funny and snarky:
I've never wanted a break to end before
but your topic of conversation I so abhor
that I would have it gladly end
if only you'd stop talking to your friend.

The second and the third poems make reference to this and this.