Sunday, February 22, 2009

you don't mind a smutty blog, do you?

After our conversation of all the fun euphemisms we could think of for a man's "whistle and flute" and the sad lack of similar ones for ladies' ... jaja got right into brainstorming euphemisms with me, we even enlisted Summi's help when she called. The resulting list:

fish (we don't like this one. Who wants to be associated with a lot of dead fish? no thanks)
lady parts
box (the place a man puts his family jewels. groan now)
cooch (which sounds like you're about to make noises to a baby "coochy coochy coo!)
houch, houchi
puanani, pune
front bum (said by a former neighbour of a neighbour)
and my favorite,
butterfly (as in, kiss mine)

jaja also started making them up. I particularly liked
and fortune cookie.

ps. the automatic euphemism generator for as yet undiscovered acts

Friday, February 20, 2009

one small triumph

1. kitty sat on my feet so I wouldn't go anywhere, but stop and PET HER. She even ran up the stairs ahead of me so she could stop half way up and block my way.

2. I bought a hot chocolate so big and filled with whipped cream it overflowed on all sides of the mug.

3. Jaja and I practiced our stabbing in the living room. It was fun and full of giggles.

4. I finished my essay!

5. Mummy made a dish of deliciousness. Roasted veggies with leafy greens seductively tucked in amongst them.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Liebchen says that to him "being an adult means always having a pie in the house that you can nibble little bits of whenever you want"

I like this theory :)

Again with the happiness! So many nice things.

Kitty sleeps on my tummy and on my bed. She's very beautiful.

I dreamed that Bill Gates was lecturing a group I was in about how important it is to maintain balance in one's life, and while I doubted the source, I admired the sentiment.

I received a text from abroad that said "I saw a fat little bird with a fancy head feather this morning :)"

Mama made me porridge for breakfast.

Today my hair looks like dandelion fluff:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unexpected Happiness

The mockingbird has arrived back in the bush across my street. His song sounds like musical water. Very beautiful.

I looked out my window this morning to find an entirely unexpected snowfall in progress. Big fat flakes falling like very small eiderdowns.

Kryptonite texted me in the wee hours to say that he has arrived safe and tired on his business trip. Made me feel like family.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

loooong weekend

1. My apartment is finally clean (just in time for the drywallers to come, oops!)
2. Liebchen and I discovered a marvellous place in the neighbourhood for eggplant parmagiana sandwiches

It was also a weekend of food creations!

3. You made a fantastic spelt cake. Sooo yummy and pretty much all gone now :)
4. I made chicken soup
5. And spelt banana pancakes

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alliteration Amuses

1. Terrific new tabis! Toes tingles at the thought of unholed textures!

2. Carrot chocolate cake. Decadent and delicious, made by Dad.

3. Cat curled cosy beside me on the bed.

4. Autistic artist inspires possible potential. Also admirable colour combinations.

5. Skin soft and silky, is it all this sleep?

ps. pearls before swine

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cake and Company

1. We made spelt cake! My first time making cake with spelt flour :) It looked purdy and tasted delicious.

2. You made yummy dinner. I snuck more from the pot...

3. The moon is bright and low and beautiful.

4. Yoga class was relaxing and stretchy and soothing, and I walked out feeling so refreshed.

5. We watched What Not To Wear. Fabulous show! (Jaja was jealous, and says, "When are we going to watch it again?") I like that it is a reality television show that inspires confidence in people and helps make them happier.

6. I liked hearing you sing, and I was very pleased when we both changed key at the exact same time, to the SAME KEY.

7. I wandered around before yoga class lifting weights and encouraging my arms to grow muscles. They appreciate it.


Am bad blogger.

No posts in weeks!

To make up for it today is full of good things!

1. Yesterday was my birthday
2. The cats gifted me with fantastic birthday snuggles. Nothing like a little furry adoration to start your day.
3. I received flowers from my liebchen for the first time ever!
4. I got tickets to see a Tom Stoppard play
5. My brother took me out for brunch
6. I met up with you! Briefly, but even a little bit of Peach makes any day better
7. My legs were too big for the rainboots I want (This is also bad but secretly I am always somewhat pleased when my superhero sized calves are too big to fit "normal" people clothes)
8. I got tickets to see Serena Ryder
9. I went for dinner at Czehoski and had deliciously good perogies.
10. I was happy for a whole day!

Bonus karma points are being given to everyone who helped contribute to my marvelous day :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

guest nice things from jaja

1. 10 bright red finches were with their ladies in the pine tree, eating the seeds and hanging out forever. At one point they all flew away, but then they all came back.

2. She saw a fox on Kingston Rd on her way home, and had many dreams about foxes, well, at least two, and in one the adults were blue and the baby cubs were red.

3. She was hanging out with Faerie, and Faerie played and sang disney songs to her all day, except for the times when she playing and singing the dirty dancing soundtrack.

4. She likes peppermint and parsley oil capsules, because then you can burp peppermint all day. They're delicious.

joie de vivre

1. Excellent msn excerpt:
i don't want to go to class :(
is school finished yet :(
i want a motorcycle :)

just how my brain work also.

2. As Jaja told me of Faerie singing dirty dancing songs to her, she told me (and I quote) "because it's Kippen you can write out some of the lyrics for her. You can tell her, 'in the still of the night you'll hold her tight, because you love, love her so.'" She sang the last bit, and clasped her arms to her chest here eyes heavenward.

3. I had a meeting with my prof. She's super nice, and we chatted for at least half an hour about possible topics I could work on while I am away. She said would like me to pack her into my suitcase when I go on my upcoming adventure vacation. My suitcase has many people that need to fit into it.

4. I made a chocolate leaf bowl. I am a genius!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Cautionary Tale of Poo and Adventure

A mummy and her daughter were observed by me as they walked down the street this morning. As the Mum walked towards evidence of a dog's previous meanderings on that part of the sidewalk, she called back to her daughter to caution her, "Watch the poo!"
Her daughter, about two feet high in a pink and grey snow suit, whirled around and stared at the sidewalk behind her, then at some of the snowbank, and then some of the sky.
"Sophie, watch this poo." her Mummy said, pointing at the offending item.
Sophie leaped back with a look of surprise and then crept towards the poo, glaring at it intently the entire time, as if watching it for any sudden moves.

Chibblins can be very cute.

Friday, February 6, 2009

msn meanderings

1. "if i could get paid for sleeping i'd happily work the night shift.
and would not be opposed to working overtime" ~ D

2. "Loving yourself is as easy as singing badly."

3. "If the armies of the world used nerf weapons war would be okay and we could all play together"

4. "sabah al-heir?
ana bheir... ya intee?"
means "good morning! I am in goodness... and you?"
I am in goodness :)

5. "whatever happened tooo all the heroes... alll the shakespearoesssss"

More Morning Moments (from yesterday)

1. I woke up happy.
2. I had an interesting dream about submarines. We were listening in on ships communications (presumably enemy, but it wasn't very a antagonistic dream), and could tell from the moment they said a light had gone on, how soon it would be before something went wrong with the ship if they did nothing about it, and if it did, how long it would be before something else broke.
3. The lady who taught my tai chi instructor used to do tai chi underneath a table, to practice maintaining a deep stance while she moved from one move to the next. She was a very short lady and it was a very tall table, but still :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

morning moments

1. A street musician was playing Vivaldi on his violin. His violin sang in harmony with itself. It was beautiful.

2. Listening in on conversations, I heard a kid say "You love me so much you already have my christmas card for next year ready!" Great line. Gonna start saying that more often.

3. I am also in love with this rat and this koala.

Beating S.A.D.

I made polenta from scratch! 'twas remarkably easy and terribly exciting because it's another non-wheat starch I can eat. Am slowly but steadily lowering my wheat intake and my skin is definitely improving.

Watched a hilarious episode of Top Gear. One of the hosts earned his nickname of "Hamster" by eating a photo of a car after getting into a wrestling match with one of the other hosts.

Had a great appointment with a new doctor. Was the first time ever I actually felt like a doctor was listening to me and engaged in my responses to his questions.

Also as cheesy as it may be I had acupuncture done to improve my liver function and one tiny needle in my foot made me feel so amazing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nice Things of Today and Yesterday

1. Kryptonite was asked to find things for this months newsletter, and since it was february he chose things all about the heart. My favorite is this quote from Kill Bill:
"The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique was a legendary technique developed by the head priest of the White Lotus Clan, Pai Mei. He hits you with his fingertips at five different pressure points on your body. And then he lets you walk away. But after you've taken five steps, your heart explodes inside your body, and you fall to the floor, dead.

It is said to be quite simply, the deadliest blow in all of martial arts."
...and Pai Mei has just about the greatest hair.

2. Jaja says she sometimes wakes up to find she was singing in her sleep. Best version of sleep walking/talking ever :)

3. There was a squat snowman on a neighbour's lawn, fir arms upraised as if imploring the heavens.

4. I got a birthday postcard from Summi, with this quote on it "Being born was great for me, though I can't recall the chore. But every year I pleased to see, that it's me they all adore! My Mum and Dad stay close to me, they claim to know me well. They're proud to know a celebrity, And me, I know they're swell. They celebrate, they laugh and sing, and gifts on me they shower. I must have done a wondrous thing, my birthday cries, baby power!"

5. I'm liking my birthday advent. Today was especially beautifully decorated with soft green japanese printed paper.

6. It looked like a winter wonderland this morning, and yesterday had spring-like sunshine, with melting snow and birds chirping.