Sunday, December 6, 2009

An email from a friend :)

"I'm lying on couch watching a low quality feed of the first Transformers movie and I don't want to be. The tv is a full 10 feet away. I would switch the channel but the other day when I was messing around in my parents attic, I accidentally turned on his shrinking machine and now I'm an inch tall and can't reach the TV. I have to jump really hard on the keyboard to type. This message has already taken me half an hour to write :(

All is well I hope? Exams keeping you busy? My end of school rush is quickly approaching and I've been putting everything off so... cram cram cram.

Hopefully I'll be able to shoot myself back up to normal size again before then though.

Coffee or whatever this coming week? Let me kn... AHHHHHH... MOUSE... GIANT>>>>AHHh..."

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