Friday, December 11, 2009

Brimming! Bubbling!

Filly can't contain herself tonight.

Word is, she had her french exam today, and she felt pretty good about it.

Word is, بلدي رجل was hired for the first time as an adjunct faculty member to teach the tail-end of a 3rd year course at Princeton, and his students simply loved him! Three hours of seminar, and they still wanted more! They stayed after class, loving the material he set out for them, loving the discussion...Filly is brimming with pride.

Time to celebrate!

بلدي رجل has decided to take Filly away for a weekend at Spring Lake, a little town on the Jersey Shore. The shore will be chilly, but at one of the little, historic inns on the shore, (see picture above) there might be cozy things like jacuzzis or fireplaces, and a bright, dazzling ocean to look at.

Filly is bubbling with excitement. How can there be so much, so many good things? How did she stumble upon this magnificent بلدي رجل, who manages to continually win more and more admiration from her, while peppering her life with delight, adventure and affection? There is something very novel and precious about a partner in adventure who at the same time, makes one feel protected, cherished and loved.

Filly sincerely apologizes for the sentimental mess she has spilled onto the blog tonight.

Sweet dreams my dears.

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