Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Basking in kindness.

December 1st, 11:15am, I take an illicit break from my essay-wrangling to make up a cup of hot chocolate and rip open my package from Toronto. Twenty-four delicate little parcels spill out, each one decorated with stickers and a gold number. I open the one marked for today, and find something that looks like a Christmas tree ornament with a quote from my cherished anti-Christ on it! Such sweetly motivated irony! I hang it up in my kitchen window. I feel so special to get this little package, and so absolutely spoiled with love from all of you.

This, coupled with a warm Thanksgiving weekend at بلدي رجل 's family home, and I realize that somehow I've managed to find myself the most exceptionally thoughtful, creative and loving people the world has to offer:)