Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hop Skip Pounce

So, although sleepy much of the time, life is still very nice. Walking home today in the golden sunlight of a lovely afternoon I came across these words spray painted on the ground in an alley. I think they are excellent advice, and I intend to do all of them. 

I passed out around 4:30 in the afternoon after an all-nighter of colouring the night before (it's a very high-stress kindergarden I go to), and when I woke up dragon cat was asleep in the diamond of space I had made with my legs - soles of my feet together, and knees apart like a frog - and it was a perfect nest for her. My hips were also very well stretched when I tried to stand up.

Then for dinner I ate fresh tomatoes from the garden that I picked today. Look at this dramatic stripy green one! So beautiful, and deliciously juicy and sun-ripened.

In loading the pictures I also came across a picture of this guy: 
I am so smitten. 
I gave him that onesie! He is a ninja.
A ninja in fabulous stripy pants.