Friday, December 18, 2009

An Army of Kindness

As I crammed for exams (a unwise approach, and best avoided) I found an army of unexpected kindness. In tears when I discovered I was utterly lost in statistics and that the help lab was so full I couldn't get through the door, I called my Daddy who although he remembered little of his own statistics course, was willing to sit down and try to learn statistics with me all morning.
When I went to a later emptier help lab, two fellow students patiently explained and figured things with me whenever I asked.
On the way home I ran into Kryptonite and asked to sit beside his gigantic mathematical brain while I studied that night, so I could ask him questions. He agreed, even though he wasn't sure he remembered statistics either. When I left his place around midnight, he immediately started getting ready for bed, and I realized he had stayed up late so I would have a place to study.
Both Code Yeller and Rafiki called me at ridiculously early hours of the morning to make sure I would wake up for my exams because I keep sleeping through my alarm clock lately. Rafiki didn't even have to get up early that morning.
One night as I studied in bed (as usual) Mummy made a salad and brought it up stairs so we could eat it on my bed together.
It made me feel like for any obstacle I encounter I have an army of people willing to fight beside me. None of them had to help me, and none of them hesitated to do so. It made me feel so blessed.
It made me feel SO blessed.

It made me feel like this:

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