Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cumulative Effect

I've been making words up in my sleep. I woke up with the following definition running through my mind: Phsailing is the art of reading and writing, as in, "In Medieval times many women could not phsail." Hence the origin of the term "passing", as in, "to pass a test."

I'm still happy from a night spent with my friends. I'm not sure which bits were best to have such a lasting effect. Perhaps it was that I ended up laughing hysterically about the backwards tree and petrified rabbits. Perhaps it was that all the pictures Summi took accidentally seemed to have a barfing theme. Perhaps it was that we made a feast of good food that covered the entire table. Perhaps it was that when I got home the feast had already been started by Mummy and Jaja who made banana bread and cookies, and walking home was walking into a place full of good smells. Perhaps it was that we tried to make all of Summi's incidental wishes come true. Perhaps it is that we all love and admire eachother. Anyway, the cumulative effect is lovely.

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