Wednesday, June 3, 2009

good night moon

1. I had lunch with Kryptonite and massaged and then snuggled against his back, napping occasionally, while he worked on the computer. It made my day off seem even more day off-ish to be sleepy while someone else was working.

2. I'm drinking Elderflower juice. It sparkles on my tongue.

3. We went running! I like frolicking and silliness and exercise and good company.

4. I arrived at Dad's house before anyone else, so I got out a shovel and began digging in the garden. A friendly old man stopped to chat with me.

5. Jaja and I carried bamboo poles home, and began spinning them in the dark. I love that I have someone who will practice spinning poles with me; I love the way they look; and I love the feel of the shifting weight as they flowed around our hands.

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