Thursday, May 28, 2009

little green bug

1. I sent Rafiki the dramatic lemur, and he responded "Wow, what pretty eyes you have." Which confused me muchly, but he explained that the dramatic lemur reminded him of my eyes. Which made me laugh.

2. I rushed downstairs and outside with my pants undone and a triangle of lacy pink underwear showing because a very cute green bug was crawling about on my hand, and I wanted him to have a healthy environment. I think I have my priorities straight, despite some incidental flashing of construction workers.

3. I was chatting with Rafiki on msn, and Jaja read over my shoulder some of Rafiki's laughter and asked me to warn him that, "If you don't stop laughing maniacally, you'll start doing scientific experiments which will make your hair look a little ragged and rough, so watch out. Exploding beakers are not good for 'dos." Random and helpful advice :)

4. "In Fourier's utopian vision, humans would live in cooperative groups, called 'phalanges,' where they would 'cultivate cabbages in the morning and sing opera in the evening... Love and passion would bind men together in a noncoercive order.'" ~A.J. Jacobs Know It All.
Seems that man had his priorities straight too.

5. It's a sunny day out, a little bird told me the new pie shop near me got good reviews, and my table is a symphony of little jars of flowers in white and purple.

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