Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now I am six, and as clever as clever

1. I like that when I eat ice cream stranger's eyes follow the ice cream filled with desire.

2. I liked the deep, manly, and perfectly deadpan voice that floated out of the darkness of the movie theater after watching one of the cheesiest previews ever, and said "Oh my god, I need to see that." It was hilarious.

3. I liked Nanermellon's silly dances in front of our table as she tried to persuade us to dance on Saturday. Massive booty shakin', a supermarket shopping cart dance, and a cleopatra imitation. What's not to like?

4. I liked doing handstands and races on the beach with Rafiki. He's fast, and acts as if he is about seven years old.

5. I liked snuggling with Kryptonite. He smells lovely and gives the best hugs.

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