Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is in the air

1. A man was carrying at least a dozen red helium balloons on the subway today.

2. Not only did I email you on tuesday to tell you that "I decided I wanted to have FUN again, and then yesterday a boy hit on me, and then my friend from first year found me at the end of class and he, and I, and his friend Missy T. want out for hotchocolate and stayed chatting till it was very late indeed. I like the sensation of there being possibilities for fun in all sorts of random and unexpected places (and I don't mean romantic fun, although I don't exclude it either, but mostly fun in the sense of hanging out and chatting and having adventures and giggling and finding new friends). I thought it was a very good sign." but today an interesting looking boy with dyed blond hair and a very large green tattoo peeping out from beneath his shirt introduced himself after class and we chatted while walking to our next destinations. He is in more than one of my classes and he said I looked as though I might be a kindred spirit (I think it's the hair ;). I like that when I want to have fun, the world seems to want to have fun with me.

3. I saw my first robin of spring. He was strutting about the garden looking very fat and luscious, having a bath, inspecting the grounds. Our backyard seems to be full of woodland friends. A squirrel drank out of the birdbath, a nuthatch ate from our birdfeeder, Juncos shelter under the spruce tree, a very handsome cardinal couple selected seeds, and starlings scatter in and out.

4. I am quite entranced by this:

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