Monday, March 9, 2009

Circus Smoothies and Singing

1. I found my sweater and scarf! There is a lost and found box. One found, only one still missing!

2. Aussie and I sang Cat Stevens songs in the kitchen last night.

3. I am drinking an EXTREMELY yummy smoothie at this very moment. It is rich creamy pineappley and delicious.

4. I taught a yoga class this morning, and I don't know about anyone else, but it woke me up and I had fun :)

5. I went on the swinging trapeze and had fun even while squeaking. I seem to like launching myself off backwards into space. It's the lazy monkey in me. wheeee.

6. It stopped raining! After 2 days and nights of solid rain (the heavens opened) the sun has peeked out through the clouds. Our raincoats and flipflops are drying up.

7. Macgyver got my memory card out of Nanermellon's computer with a very tiny pair of tweezers and an elastic. So smart and exciting, because now I have my pictures back!

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