Friday, March 20, 2009

jet lagged happiness

1. I slept in until 11am, and didn't get out of bed till noon. This was extremely refreshing, as my sleeping pattern over the past few days has been thus (I figured this out jut before falling asleep in class):
21 hours awake
3 hours asleep
19.5 hours awake
2 hours asleep
14 hours awake
7.5 hours asleep
3 hours awake
2 hours asleep
11 hours awake
6.5 hours asleep
23 hours awake
2 hours asleep
14 hours awake
1 hour asleep
2.5 hours awake
then lots and lots of sleep till this morning at 11 (about 12 hours). woot!

2. A friendly acquaintance from one of my classes saw me sleeping in class on monday, and sent me an email saying hello, and how surprised to have been in class with me all year and to only have seen me now. Hooray! I have been wanting a study-buddy, and was finding classes awfully lonely without company, and he is very nice.

3. I made pumpkin pie last night, and ate it and pineapple for breakfast this morning. Jaja joined me for second breakfast.

4. I washed my knapsac. It now gives off lovely fresh whiffs of laundry detergent in class.

5. retreat peeps sent emails and liked my photos.

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