Friday, March 13, 2009

arguments animals and introductions

1. I saw a frog. Possibly a cokie frog. It was large and lumpy.

2. I managed to loose my temper privately and still stand up for myself, and let Aussie who triggered the tempestuous outburst (it had been building for many reasons unconnected to him for some time) what small part he played in making me angry without making him hurt or angry. So I think I dealt with that rather well.

3. Aussie gave me a shoulder hug today when I was feeling blue.

4. I finished off both the chocolate fudge brownie and the banana split ice cream.

5. I chilled with Iron at lunch time. She's AWESOME. Also, everyone else was at the beach, and the kitchen/main space was beautifully peaceful.

6. Mermaid sat down beside me when I was hanging out before class. She's very quiet, slightly spacey, and super sweet. I like her a lot.

7. I had an interesting conversation with a lighting director. He helped program one of the olympic opening ceremonies. He was very friendly and interesting.

8. Pua (cat) sat upright beside the porch post, like an egyptian princess cat.

9. A gecko climbed the screen.

10. A father and son were practicing juggling, one on a unicycle and one on the ground. There are all sorts of circus performers that appear in odd corners of rooms.

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