Saturday, March 7, 2009

Performer's Party

1. There was a party last night. I danced my heart out. Hooray!

2. The finale of the show/party was the instructors performing their arial arts. Nanermellon was very va-va-voom. There was also a perfect moment when all of them were in splits in the air at exactly the same time.

3. The fantastic J wore a fake mustache, eyelashes, a pleather bra, gold tights over bright pink fishnets, with a matching pink ostrich feather on her headband for her hoop routine. She looked like a mix between a smarmy french man and a cabaret girl. It was awesome.

4. We had a puppy pile when the night was over and fell asleep four people snuggled into a couch and an armchair. Aussie said it reminded him of when he was younger and his friend tied him up in a tree by his ankles and set a dog on him, and the dog would leap at him, but he was just out of reach. We're not sure why that memory came up... perhaps he was getting squashed?

5. There were jugglers and hulahoopers and firespinners and handbalancers in all sorts of odd corners of the party, being happy and practicing their craft.

6. Samurai did a BEAUTIFUL silks routine. She attacks everything as if it is possible, doable, enjoyable and interesting.

7. There were wee little ones running about dancing and giggling and walking hand in hand very seriously across the dance floor.

8. Everyone was very generous. One lady fed me a sample of her yummy plate (chocolate sauce and apple and other nibbly goodness), another handed me a flower to sniff.

9. Some nice man hugged me and Nanermellon and thanked us for being awesome.

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