Friday, September 11, 2009

Six Surprises As School Starts

1. My statistics teacher reminds me of a Miss America contestant. She's very pretty, with long shiny hair. She wears bright button down shirts. She speaks in a slightly ditzy but intelligent manner and says things like "I immigrated to Canada because it's the best country in the world!"

2. There's a girl who I've seen all over campus and in a lot of my classes for the past two years. She hangs out in odd corners of Hart House, shows up in some of my tutorials, and is always surrounded by a group of friends who have funny conversations that I sometimes listen in on. This year I found her sitting outside my Minds and Machines class with her friend Hobbit. I finally sat down and chatted with them. I like them both.

3. Chamigan's (afore mentioned girl) friends have a habit of visiting each other's classes. That's what Hobbit was doing at Minds and Machines (and now he's gonna take it :) and Ivan joined her for Thinking and Reasoning the next day. She says it's interesting, a good way to find out about classes they're interested in, and things never get lonely. I love it.

4. Vervaeke is one of my favorite professors. He's vibrant and witty and very challenging. The professor for my Bases of Cognition class was unannounced. When Vervaeke walked into the room Chamigan's and my eyes lit up (yup, Chamigan's in that class too, and she likes Vervaeke as a prof as much as I do), and we turned to each other grinning. She held her hand up for a high five and said "This is going to be the best day."

5. I started to read the book "Extended Minds" by Andy Clark this summer through the recommendation of a friendly acquaintance. It's funny and well written. My text book for Minds and Machines is by Andy Clark, and there's a week of our syllabus on extended minds. I feel so well prepared.

6. I have a class in the same classroom that I took poetry in. So many good memories.

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