Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NY Times Wedding Announcement

بلدي رجل was quickly sifting through his email before we went out for our run last Sunday. He showed me a New York Times wedding announcement from his colleague, saying "This wedding announcement is so odd, it reads like a CV".

I then quickly checked my email correspondence, only to find that I too, have a colleague who has announced her marriage in the New York Times! It reads:

Catherine Doyle will be marrying Alfred P. Newton On October 8, 2009. The bride graduated summa wrestler cum laude in 2008 from Villanova University. The bridegroom graduated the harder they cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania that same year. The couple was introduced by Sarah Doyle, mother of the bride, who graduated cumma cumma cumma chamelion laude from Columbia in 1970, at an event sponsored by the father of the bride, Bobby Doyle, who graduated pre-cum laude from Columbia University in 1968.


Filly said...

Post inspired by Weddings of the Times: A Parody

Emberella Cat said...

So pleased and excited you are posting! :D

Nanermellon said...

Yay to Filly posts!! :)