Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love letters

A most lecherous discourse between Filly and بلدي رجل ...

Hello Sir,

I can easily be persuaded to engage in a courtship ritual with you tonight, whereby we consume food, speak amusing words and make suggestive looks at one another. It occurs to me that tomorrow night also, I am available to enact the the essential gestures of this ritual. I generally subject the French language to a stammering slaughter every other Wednesday, but, instead of dinner tomorrow night there could be a rendezvous in the South Philly area at 10pm? Some imbibing or some such?

Dear Madam,

I believe that tomorrow night will be a superior point in time for aforementioned enacting of courtship ritual. I do, however, intend to make audio contact later tonight, and visual contact is well within the realm of possible occurrences. I believe I will be more appropriately positioned at that time to help decide what kind of non-destinational gastrointestinal feeding location would be more suitable to speaking amusing words and making suggestive looks.

with utmost sincerity,


Nanermellon said...

tee hee! academic flirting ;)

Emberella Cat said...

Oh god! I love it!
May I express my sincerest admiration for your verbose courtship rituals which are not only intellectually stimulating but also amusing in nature. I call upon any higher power, whether existing in either figurative or literal sense, to hear, and no doubt agree, with my sentiments.

Filly said...


My amorous affections are most indelicately stimulated at the prospect of audio or visual contact with yourself in the evening hours. Moreover, your use of the salacious term "gastrointestinal" causes me to fear for my virtue should we decide to meet in person.

Until then,"

Emberella Cat said...

eep! have temporarily lost powers of speech in happiness over your courtship dialogue. S'awesome.