Sunday, February 22, 2009

you don't mind a smutty blog, do you?

After our conversation of all the fun euphemisms we could think of for a man's "whistle and flute" and the sad lack of similar ones for ladies' ... jaja got right into brainstorming euphemisms with me, we even enlisted Summi's help when she called. The resulting list:

fish (we don't like this one. Who wants to be associated with a lot of dead fish? no thanks)
lady parts
box (the place a man puts his family jewels. groan now)
cooch (which sounds like you're about to make noises to a baby "coochy coochy coo!)
houch, houchi
puanani, pune
front bum (said by a former neighbour of a neighbour)
and my favorite,
butterfly (as in, kiss mine)

jaja also started making them up. I particularly liked
and fortune cookie.

ps. the automatic euphemism generator for as yet undiscovered acts

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