Monday, February 9, 2009

A Cautionary Tale of Poo and Adventure

A mummy and her daughter were observed by me as they walked down the street this morning. As the Mum walked towards evidence of a dog's previous meanderings on that part of the sidewalk, she called back to her daughter to caution her, "Watch the poo!"
Her daughter, about two feet high in a pink and grey snow suit, whirled around and stared at the sidewalk behind her, then at some of the snowbank, and then some of the sky.
"Sophie, watch this poo." her Mummy said, pointing at the offending item.
Sophie leaped back with a look of surprise and then crept towards the poo, glaring at it intently the entire time, as if watching it for any sudden moves.

Chibblins can be very cute.

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