Wednesday, February 11, 2009

joie de vivre

1. Excellent msn excerpt:
i don't want to go to class :(
is school finished yet :(
i want a motorcycle :)

just how my brain work also.

2. As Jaja told me of Faerie singing dirty dancing songs to her, she told me (and I quote) "because it's Kippen you can write out some of the lyrics for her. You can tell her, 'in the still of the night you'll hold her tight, because you love, love her so.'" She sang the last bit, and clasped her arms to her chest here eyes heavenward.

3. I had a meeting with my prof. She's super nice, and we chatted for at least half an hour about possible topics I could work on while I am away. She said would like me to pack her into my suitcase when I go on my upcoming adventure vacation. My suitcase has many people that need to fit into it.

4. I made a chocolate leaf bowl. I am a genius!

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