Friday, February 13, 2009


Am bad blogger.

No posts in weeks!

To make up for it today is full of good things!

1. Yesterday was my birthday
2. The cats gifted me with fantastic birthday snuggles. Nothing like a little furry adoration to start your day.
3. I received flowers from my liebchen for the first time ever!
4. I got tickets to see a Tom Stoppard play
5. My brother took me out for brunch
6. I met up with you! Briefly, but even a little bit of Peach makes any day better
7. My legs were too big for the rainboots I want (This is also bad but secretly I am always somewhat pleased when my superhero sized calves are too big to fit "normal" people clothes)
8. I got tickets to see Serena Ryder
9. I went for dinner at Czehoski and had deliciously good perogies.
10. I was happy for a whole day!

Bonus karma points are being given to everyone who helped contribute to my marvelous day :)

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