Friday, February 13, 2009

Cake and Company

1. We made spelt cake! My first time making cake with spelt flour :) It looked purdy and tasted delicious.

2. You made yummy dinner. I snuck more from the pot...

3. The moon is bright and low and beautiful.

4. Yoga class was relaxing and stretchy and soothing, and I walked out feeling so refreshed.

5. We watched What Not To Wear. Fabulous show! (Jaja was jealous, and says, "When are we going to watch it again?") I like that it is a reality television show that inspires confidence in people and helps make them happier.

6. I liked hearing you sing, and I was very pleased when we both changed key at the exact same time, to the SAME KEY.

7. I wandered around before yoga class lifting weights and encouraging my arms to grow muscles. They appreciate it.

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