Thursday, July 30, 2009

peeps around town

1. I liked the group of kids playing cards at a round table in the window of Tim Hortons...

2. ...and the little boy who wandered up to a car and poked it with one chubby finger, His Dad said "What colour is the car?", and he said "Geeen."

3. I liked the man at the bar near my work who said, "You don't drink beer, do you?" and when I shook my head said, "Only vodka, right?" which happened to be true.

4. I like the two kids in the wagon and their grinning dad who was pulling them, as they shouted "Run Daddy run! Run Fast! WHeeeee!"

5. I liked the roly poly boy in a green tshirt with the full moon face. He ran up, sat down on the bench, looked out over the water looked at us, made an incomprehensible and no doubt very wise remark and then dashed off to the next bench.

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