Monday, July 6, 2009

incidents and accidents

1. Mummy has been creating awesome murals with chinese bug chalk. Observe:

2. Jacki became as hysterical as any of us at the cottage had been even without the help of special brownies. Too much cleaning can have that effect. My new favorite saying is "You want some pusta (pasta), spi-natch (said to rhyme with "biatch")!" Cooking and hysteria :)

3. Madmoiselle the Owner greeted me at work today with, "Pashmina! You have psycho hair today! And little tiny eyes!"
Mighty Mouse's voice floated out from behind a shelf of plants, "She really knows how to complement a girl."
Madmoiselle the Owner became flustered, "I mean, your hair is all fluffy, and you look very sleepy. Like a wood nymph!"

4. Daddy was scraping a scrap of cheese off a hot tray, burnt himself, then licked the knife (oh god), and Jaja snaped, "Daddy. Leave the tray alone. You can scrape it off later and have the cheese on your porridge tomorrow morning."
Score one to Jaja :)

5. I adore the packaging of my hair dye which tells me it will give me "100% ultra long lasting colour. 100% maximum shiny colour with depth and highlights," and that "The non-drip Gel-Crème texture allows a 100% fast and 100% easy application even on long hair." So accordingly, I think that by running my fingers through my hair (100% easy) I should instantly (100% fast) have metallic (100% shiny) hair that will last forever (100% long lasting). Sounds exciting. As it turns out it dyed my hair gray in a brownish sort of way. I like it. Oh boy am I going to be a sexy old person!

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