Monday, July 20, 2009

Glorious Days of Summer

I went swimming! In a client's pool! In my underpants!
We went on a planting job to one of my favorite houses. It could only be the home of someone fabulously wealthy, but for once I feel that it was money well spent. The house sits on top of the bluffs and overlooks the lake. The lake is clear and blue, and the sky shines out one shade lighter. Standing on their back deck you can see nothing else. The rear of their house is almost entirely windows from floor to ceiling to drink in the view. The back deck is smooth stone as pale as white sand. In the middle of it is an infinity pool. The water falls off of it and off the edge of the world. It looks as though it is pouring off into the lake hundreds of feet below. It is breathtakingly beautiful.
Madmoiselle the Owner and I had finished planting urns with chinese fan palms to grace the pool deck and were cleaning up, when dizzy with heat, she nudged me and said "When we're done I plan on stripping down to my underpants and jumping in the pool. Feel like joining me?" The owners of the house were out and only the cleaning lady was home, so I shed my jeans, and dived in after her. It was delicious. I could have lived in that pool for days.
I also liked Kryptonite's response to my excitement of swimming. He wrote: "i vote that we go swimming in random people's pools in our underpants at night. we used to do it back home ;)" I think this is a MOST entrancing idea.

I also like this sentence from the novel I am reading now: "Brammingham Place was an enormous, rambling house that seemed to spread in all directions. Mairelon was lurking with Kim behind an overgrown topiary duck while they waited for the last lights inside to be put out..."

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