Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Decadence

1. Mark brought me chocolate bars and hot chocolate for an unexplained reason. Yum. It was also easy to entice him to share in the chocolate eating. Company is nice.

2. When I told Faerie that Code Yeller had given me hot chocolate, she said, "Oh! For your green coat!"

3. The conductor danced on his podium, with swaying hips, fluttering hands and great sweeping leaps of arms and legs.

4. When I showed up at the restaurant to meet Dad for his retirement lunch I was rather nervously surprised to see many of his co-workers sitting around the table. They turned out to be very nice, pleasantly and companionably argumentative, and easy to talk to. I had a highly enjoyable time.

5. I helped push a car out of snowbank, which I think is fun.

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