Sunday, January 25, 2009

4 Nice Things of Today, and 1 Enduring Nice Thing of Time Past

1. Some rich lady started a book store for underprivileged children (as well as privileged children and adults who like children's books). It has oriental carpets and cosy niche's for them to read and volunteers to come in and help them read or to read to them. Also if the children find a book they really like they get it stamped and can take it home, and (I think) it's theirs for keeps. It's called The Book Bank.

2. I had my hair coloured. I now have honey and tawny coloured hair with a fringe of bright pink bangs, because the lion in the wizard of oz had a pink bow in his hair. As my colourist said, I think I can guarantee that there's no one in the city who looks like you now. (btw, this is my favorite picture of a cowardly lion)

3. I ate a cookie from second cup while reading my book and having my hair bleached. It was supremely yummy.

4. I came home and the house smelled amazing. Sweet potato pie in the oven.

5. I like Martin Luther King Jr. How long? Not long!

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