Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nice Things About Today (Feels Like A Million)

1. The weather! omigosh, I love snow.
2. I snuggled with Kryptonite this morning, and whenever he shifted position I would sleepily massage where my hand was resting (side/back/chest/arm). He said he liked how I do that, because I am like a cat, digging in.
3. As I studied at the university someone played Beethoven on a piano in a nearby room. Their playing was imperfect - it came in stop and starts - but I knew the piece, and it was beautiful.
4. Fabbalous wrote me a card thanking me for the christmas present I gave her, she said she liked it and that she misses our thursday playdates. I feel honoured. :)
5. There were two letters from Kippen lying on my bed. One to be opened tomorrow, and one the day after, I am very excited!

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