Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I hope the rest of the day is as good as waking up

I had the most lovely dream about a celebrity with flipping great wodgers of cash who liked me. He was a musician in a well-known alternative band - I'd heard of it, but didn't know any of the bands music. He was being interviewed for some show, and for some reason I wandered in. I started asking questions too, and he and I immediately discovered we were the type of people who could be friends. The rest of the people on the show (the rest of the audience and the official interviewer) were somewhat annoyed that I was monopolizing his attention, but they drifted away. He wanted my number, but I was reluctant to give it because I didn't want to give the wrong impression (after all, I have Rafiki). I hadn't given it to him by the time I woke up, but it was so nice, even in a dream, to find a kindred spirit.

Rafiki sent me the best wake up text this morning (he had to get up early to study, I had to get up early for work), "Wakey wakey my favourite person!! Kisses on your neck, cheeks, forehead, and eye lid if I was in bed with you."

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