Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eggtastic, part 3

Kryptonite finally painted an egg. I've been wanting him to for ever so long. He once brought a guest from a far away land to an egg painting party, and even then remained serenely watching (despite all prodding, and despite artistic talent, and despite the fact that he occasionally murmurs wishes that he could be more artistic), saying he was contemplating his design.

Well, maybe he was contemplating his design all these years.

This year I was going to paint eggs one night, so I sent him an email that said:

"I shall be painting eggs again this evening if your egg idea has come to fruition.
Lots of pressure,
Emberella Cat."

Kryptonite wrote back,

"i'll try to think of something inappropriate to paint ;)"

I got called into work unexpectedly that evening, so when I got a text message from Kryptonite around 9pm asking how late the egg painting was going, I wasn't painting eggs at all, but driving home dirty and dishevelled with bits of plants clinging to me. It turned out to be the only time before easter that we were both free, so I rubbed my eyes and told him to come on over anyway.

We painted eggs until two in the morning. Kryptonite was adorable. He'd originally thought of doing a full on graffiti style egg, but then switched to a different idea instead. He got out little bunny stamps he'd brought back from his travels around the world and stamped the egg all over. The bunnies on the first egg smudged and were blurry, so then we had to find new ink that would work better. He wanted his egg to be perfect. So he stamped his egg, coloured in all the bunnies, re-drew their outlines with a black marker, and then painted over all the smudges in the background with white paint. At two in the morning he said plaintively, "It needs another coat of white over the smudges." I laughed, "Don't worry, it's two in the morning, I'll do it for you tomorrow before I glaze it. Go home and go to sleep." I really like his quest for perfection.

I have another egg on my tree painted by a person in my heart. His egg looks beautiful. It makes me happy.

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