Friday, April 13, 2012

Eggstatic, part 2

I love our egg tree, with all its beautiful eggs, painted by people I care about. It makes me happy every time I walk up the street. I like that I'm not the only one...

Out walking a few days before easter Jaja ran into a lady she knows who lives on our street. They had a polite chat, hi how are you, that sort of thing, then the lady burst out, "Do you know what happened to the easter house?"
"What easter house?" Jaja asked, and the lady said, "The easter house on our street that hangs the hand painted eggs in the tree outside!"
Jaja paused. "...You mean my house?"
"Is that your house?" the lady asked, agog.
"I think so..." Jaja said.
"Well are you going to do the eggs this year??"

Here is an egg painted by Kippen - the Great A'Tuin swimming and hugging his sky sea.
The side you can't see is his shell. I think he's so lovely and content.

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