Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 18th

To Kate, Skating Better Than Her Date

Wait, Kate! You skate at such a rate
You leave behind your skating mate.
Your splendid speed won’t you abate?
He’s lagging far behind you, Kate.
He brought you on this skating date
His shy affection thus to state,
But you on skating concentrate
And leave him with a woeful weight
Pressed on his heart. Oh, what a state
A man gets into, how irate
He’s bound to be with life and fate
If, when he tries to promulgate
His love, the loved one turns to skate
Far, far ahead to demonstrate
Superior speed and skill. Oh, hate
Is sure to come of love, dear Kate,
If you so treat your skating mate.
Turn again, Kate, or simply wait
Until he comes, then him berate
(Coyly) for catching up so late.
For, Kate, he knows your skating’s great,
He’s seen your splendid figure eight,
He is not here to contemplate
Your supersonic skating rate–
That is not why he made the date.
He’s anxious to expatiate
On how he wants you for his mate.

And don’t you want to hear him, Kate?

~by David Daiches

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