Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Borscht "Recipe"

Filly thought this was kinda funny, and I thought it was kinda yummy so here you are!

Okee, so here is me trying to remember pretty much what I did:

Stick a pile o beets in the oven to roastify, skins on. That can happen while you do the rest.I think the organic beets really helped with the deliciousification.
Chop up some onion and some leeks, I used more leeks than onion this time. Caramelize them in the pot with butter or oil and add some spices. I used some sage and lots of pepper. While that is happening scrub up some potatoes - I left the skin on but you could peel them i suppose. I used a mix of purple and red potatoes, mostly purple but do as you like. Dice those and throw them in the pot. Stir em around some. Push/peel the skins off the beets and dice them and throw them in. If you have some format of chicken with a bone on it you could put that in (I only had a boob so I used that), with an onion with some whole cloves stuck in it, a couple carrots and celery sticks, some whole peppercorns and a bay leaf, and some salt, and cover with water, a couple inches above the stuff. If you don't have those things just use bouillon and add chicken. I sorta did a mish mash of both: I had some turkey stock I had made but not that much so I put that in with the boob and co and threw some sprigs of dill in as well. Add a wee bit o sugar, I used brown. Let that simmer up for a while but not boil. I'm not really sure if when you put the acid in affects things, but I put mine in after it simmered for a while and then I let it simmer summore. I used a little bit of spicy balsamic (reg would do, but I did kinda like the wee kick) and some apple cider vinegar. I will say to add it slowly and carefully, because it is DEFINITELY better to have too little than too much. Simmer til you think it's tasty and take out the chicken bone and break up any big hunks o chicken. Shortly before it's ready throw in some chopped up kale. You can take out the stock veg, but I tend to just leave them in so them can keep tastifiying the soup. Eat with some fresh dill and yogurt or sour cream in the bowl. I think that's it...Yum!

This can totally be vegetarian - obviously just take out the chickeny parts and use or make vegetable stock instead.

Yup, that's my "recipe".

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Emberella Cat said...

sounds about as specific as my baking!
I'm sure there was a recipe for this chocolate cake somewhere, but it got a little different when I added the beets and the cream soda....