Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pableo & Atheniet

Sometimes Why seemed to find it funny (strange?) enough, so I thought I'd share...

Me: "Can I bring anything to the Mexican dinner?"

Sometimes Why: "Can you get soft corn tortillas anywhere in your neighbourhood? That would be awesome if you could bring those! they are persona non-grata in greektown for some odd reason"

Me: "Oh, and you can't find soft corn tortillas on the Danforth because Greeks & Mexicans have a long running Toronto blood feud forbidding them to enjoy one another's delicious food products..."Opa" is actually a bad word in my end of town, and "souvlaki" is what we call unscooped dogpoop. "Opa! What the hell is this?! Some asshole dog owner left another souvlaki on my lawn!".

Maybe if we fall in love it will be our generation's neighborhood version of Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed Torontonians...called "Pableo (Sanchez) & Atheniet (Acidophilakis)", a real West(East)Side Story..."

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