Monday, November 8, 2010

Spoons are pretty cool, manners get you far, and you'd be amazed at the applications for Elmer's glue.

This is one of many letters that Helen Jane is writing to her unborn baby and posting on her website. First of all, I love the idea of writing letters for your little baby to read when she's older. My own Mum has lost a lot of her memory and ability to speak or write, so I know that these snippets can be so precious when the unexpected strikes. Secondly, I just love this advice:

A Novitiate can be defined as either the time or state of being a novice or a house where novices are trained.
Novices are new to the subject.

Welcome to your Novitiate.
(That’s our house.)
You will arrive a novice human, brand new to our species.

Who knows what experience you’ll bring to the game?
Past lives or old soul?
Brand new or wide open?

We’re thrilled to have you.
Your Papa and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve learned about being a human.
Spoons are pretty cool.
Manners get you far.
And you’d be amazed at the applications for Elmer’s glue.

There are two great things about you being you in this Novitiate.
You can either take that information we share with you and run with it, or
you can reject that information and find your own human truths.

But try to wait until you’re a teenager to reject that information.
We need to feel sage for at least a few years.

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