Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To the Future and Beyond!

I was in a foul mood yesterday, a horrible mix of stress and helplessness and frustration.
I called and called but no one I knew was free.
I wanted to go see Back To The Future which, in honour of its 25th Anniversary, was being shown on the big screen.
I hummed and hawed, and then thought, screw it! and I went anyway by myself.

It was the best possible decision I could have made.

The audience was wonderful. Everyone was in a festival mood. There were cheers when the delorean was unveiled, cheers when George McFly punched out Biff, and wild applause when the movie ended. The faces that Doc, Marty, and Marty's parents make are delicious to watch, and there were jokes I'd completely skipped over as a kid. One of my favorites:
Marty: Doc, you turned a delorean into a time machine?
Doc: Well, I thought, if I was going to build it, why not do it with style?

It was nice to be reminded that I find myself damn fine company, and am okay on my own too.

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Nanermellon said...

Oh, I so wanted to go with you! I feel your pain, maybe I should have gone to see the Stars by myself! Nonetheless, I AM glad that you went by yourself, because you are INDEED damn fine company and I am very happy for you to know that. love you muchly and hope you are feeling better!