Monday, August 31, 2009


Mademoiselle the owner (aka Mom) , Clair (the dog) and I went to the country this weekend.

We were driving on a fairly desolate country road when we pulled over to go talk to some cows and calfs. The calfs were especially cute and they were quite close to the road so we had a good look at them for about 10 minutes when we suddenly heard a quite loud but intermittent car horn. We both turned around to see where this car was coming from and what they were intending to tell us with their horn and couldn't see anything, so we went back to looking at the cows. A few seconds later the horn sounded again in a constant unbreaking stream of noise. We looked around again and saw no cars but instead a very persistent Clair standing on the steering wheel of Mom's van and peering out at us.

My mother is now very concerned about what will happen when she leaves Clair in the car in parking lots as she appears to have learned "when I step on the wheel and it makes that noise the people get very excited and come running back to me". It's hard to be mad at the dog when she does something that cute and smart.

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