Monday, August 17, 2009

Awash on British Shores

1. I arrived in Victoria Station safe and sound, once again with a great sense of victory at having traveled to a new strange land and having navigated the systems correctly (I felt like a wizard when I used a British pay phone. Not that difficult, but to me it's NEW. I take pleasure in small triumphs).

2. Flavaflav met me with a head of red hair a grin and a hug.

3. All the plants we struggle to keep through the winter are extra large here. Fushias are bushes, rhododendrons are mountains, montgomery ivies cover walls and I keep stopping and saying things like "A fig tree? Huh! That's just not fair."

4. We went to a flower market and all the voices were calling out their wares in genuine accents. Flavaflav bought an orchid with two flower stems for 5 pounds! I was overwhelmed by choice and randomly bought tiny deep red spray roses, rusty callas, and white callas, which are now sitting about the house in silver teapots since we have no vases.

5. There are parrots and magenpies in the back garden.

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