Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fragile and Full of Life

I was going to post photos since my house is full of flowers, but my camera has gone on an adventure and wont be back until tomorrow. In the meantime...

1. I like Julie Gong's philosophy in her post A Perfectly Useless Afternoon and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment that "It's really amazing what some senseless dancing by yourself can do to revive your soul. Its as though you shake lose all those worries and fears and just live in that moment..."

2. I like the sunshine.

3. I like the abundance of flowers at the garden centre. Spring has come extra early there and everything is beautiful and lush and fragile and full of life.

4. Rafiki and Jaja and Mama and I watched the Princess Bride together. I like that he can comfortably hang out with my family. We then played cat's cradle for an hour or so - it became sillier and siller, with attempts to play it with toes, to make up new patterns, and to play the game backwards. A little bit of madness and a comfy vibe - two of my favorite qualities in a friend.

5. I like this night to myself.

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