Saturday, October 31, 2009

Honey, Where's My Super Suit?

Afro Boy and Extendo Girl went out for a night on the town.
We were .... frickin'.... SUPER.

We went to the Referee's house for a party. Everyone was super nice. There were two other superheros there and one arch villain, so we felt right at home. Our guns may have been filled with water at one point and used for squirting people.

His crew all made an effort to make me feel included, which was pretty sweet. The Salesman kept asking if I was having a good time, and then telling me they were all a bunch of assholes - which seemed like a bit of a contradiction (why would an asshole care?). They also liked to tell me how wonderful everyone else in their crew was, and how they themselves were not. Which was pretty cute. Afro boy is by far the goofiest of the lot, and spent the most time dancing, but everyone cut a bit of a rug. Even me.

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