Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm in the pursuit of happiness

1. One of Jaja's ladies that she teaches brought her two bunches of flowers from her garden, "One for you, and one for your mother." They look beautiful.

2. In German the word for wife/husband is the same as the word for man/woman. In class today we were learning about possessive forms "mine, yours, his... ect." We were doing an exercise that had the sentence "Wo ist seine Frau? Er sucht siene Frau." and while working on it, one student translated it as "Where is his woman?" which sounds undeniably gangsta and funny. I like this student. He has a habit of saying funny things in a mild way. For example, when we had to draw our family trees it came out that he has 7 or so brothers and sisters. I heard him comment, "You know, I like having all these siblings, but if I had known I was going to have to draw a family tree, I would have left a few more condoms lying around the house."

3. When I do homework sitting in bed Princess Dragon often comes and snuggles up to my legs, using one of them as a pillow.

4. Rafiki called from the grocery store to find out if I had made apple crisp as planned last night, because if not, he explained, we could make it at his house tonight.
Well, I had made apple crisp, I said, but we could make another one.
"Did you eat it already?" he asked.
"Of course we ate it." I told him.
"Well, we could make it and cookies tonight." Cookies was our original plan. "What with the oven being on already."
"Of course we could." I agreed. I like the way he thinks :)

5. Jaja read me a story that made me go "boh" softly because it is so cute and solemn and sweet and true. It is from 'Adventures of a Homebody' by Karen Parker.
"A friend of mine claims she became a changed person the warm October day she saw a red leaf in a brown puddle. She was eight years old, composed - as most women are at that age, ambling aimlessly and happily through life. She stepped in the puddle; the disturbed water moved the leaf and caught her attention.
'It was just a leaf, like many others, and an ordinary everyday mud puddle,' she explained to me with that apologetic note we use when moved to something beyond the mundane, by the mundane. 'But , you know, something stirred in my mind or my heart - oh, I don't know - all I know is that I felt different from then on. I'd seen a leaf in a mud puddle. Really seen it, for the first time.'"

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