Sunday, April 14, 2013

Walks with Riley

okay, so this post is a few weeks old... but still fresh enough to be tasty!

It was on walks with Riley that I saw my first spring bulbs blooming in full coloured splendour.  There were patches of them all over the neighbourhood. The gardens were flooded with them. Cooled by the lake they were only peeping out their green tips in my neighbourhood. I will get to watch spring twice! Once with Riley, and once waking up in my own garden and sleepy neighbourhood.

One night as we walked along the train tracks, I looked across into a brightly lit window and saw couples ballroom dancing. The hush of the night and the warm light the dancers spun in made it quite magical. night light

I also liked discovering all sorts of wonderful street art everywhere we walked. There was a bull hiding in the bushes, and thumper standing on a bridge. There were whales swimming in the watering shaft of light of an old church window.

I found Batman and Robin kissing on a manhole cover:

And excellent graffiti art for grumpy days...
Grey Bird Looking For The Perfect Beat ...beside street art for days of harmony.

Then one day we went down an alley way and found this garage door (mersheep! mermonkeys!) and some divinely sensible soul starting vegetables under a cold frame. A kindred spirit :)
mersheep! mermaids! mermonkeys!

While at home Basmati waited for us...

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Nanermellon said...

Lovely picks/pics from the hood!