Sunday, April 14, 2013

Story time!

Here's another story I wrote and illustrated as a small one. The picture is really how I thought factories were like on the inside - a chocolate factory would be filled with chocolate till about three quarters full, and if they needed caramel there would be a wall in the middle with the other half of the building filled up with caramel. I believed that the Redpath sugar factory we drove past on was filled up with sugar. I imagined sliding on all the sugar in the big slanted pipes that connected the different buildings of the factory, and I thought that there was a little hatch in one wall where you would take your sugar bag, and when you opened the hatch the loose sugar would slide out to fill up your bag. It's just the way things were.

"You put it in the hand and then it go's throo the tuoob and ckrachis it up and euch lil pees turs in to a choklit Bar. and then it grops in to some choklit and carmel and so it Bill-ds up, and then it go theroo a tuoob and the tuoob ad's peenat's and then it comes out a chrap door. and it is cold the coklit maker. "
(translation: You put it in the hand and then it goes though the tube and crunches it up and each little piece turns into a chocolate bar, and then it drops into some chocolate and caramel and so it builds up, and then it goes through a tube and the tube adds peanuts and then it comes out a trap door, and it is called the chocolate maker.)

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Nanermellon said...

I think you should have a chocolate factory for yourself that has a trap door into your mouth.

I love mini-Jasmin stories!