Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you for making me feel spoiled and special.
Thank you to the ladies at Body Blitz who said, "Aw, you brought us presents!" and then stood transfixed with curiosity while I slowly and sleepily pulled back the big pink bow and all the little tabs of tape.
Thank you to Nannermellon for the lovely pink pressies, and the good company, and the shared awe at the lady who ran right into the cold tub of water and dunked herself and floated around while we stood shivering with two toes in the water saying, "You're so brave!".
Thank you to the lovely cold tub of water that soaked into my skin, and once I was in, was even nicer and more refreshing than the sauna or the steam room or even the salt water pool.
Thank you for the happy birthday phone calls, and text messages, and pintrest board where all these beautiful images came from!

Thank you to the sushi restaurant crew that sang me happy birthday and brought out tempura banana with a candle stuck in it. That banana was delicious and melted in the mouth! I highly recommend it.

Thank you to trivial pursuit which taught me that the middle fingernail grows the fastest, that the skin on one's heel is the least sensitive skin on your body, and that Ronald Regan called himself, "the Errol Flynn of B movies" (which now makes me want to see a movie with Ronald Regan). Thank you trivial pursuit also for my fabulous guess that Roosevelt and Churchill were 7th cousins once removed - I felt so lucky and clever.
Thank you Kryptonite for the cold hug on my hot headachy head.
Thank you all for the largess, it seemed very cake themed this year! Clearly you all want more cake, who's birthday is next? I will be making beautifully decorated cakes with techniques from my new cake decorating book and my new cake stencils, and mini-cakes in tiny springform pans, and mini cakes in the shape of butterflies, and little tiny cake pops, and I will be doing this while wearing a beautiful t-shirt with a strip of decadent lace and a gorgeous necklace, while watching James Bond and Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies. This sounds like so much fun, I think you should all join me :)

Thank you Jaja for the lovely massage that made the ache in my head run away. Thank you to Philly and the post office that brought a package to me right on time (the hearts on it were very cute). Thank you to Rafiki for the extra birthday hugs. Thank you for the candlelight, and the yummy dinner (mmm, swiss chard and feta cheese is SO good), and my peacock themed table mats which were a present years ago and that make me so happy. Oh, and Bird, thank you for your talent of putting anything on your head and making it look fabulous - that peacock napkin was really you :)
Thank you all for being in my life. I am so extraordinary lucky and I love you all.


bird said...

you've got quite a talent yourself I must say! I love the eucalyptus on each side. you're like a birthday reindeer ;) So cute!

Nanermellon said...

:) :)

I wants to join