Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good Morning

I like that I can put Nannermellon to sleep by reading to her. I like her very soft wheezy breathing that whispers down the phone line when after the second chapter I say, "Are you awake?" Revisiting Harry Potter this way is nice too, it goes more slowly, and I get caught up in the story, thinking, "what happens next?"

I like the sun shining in my window this morning, glowing, with shafts of light illuminating my orchids and the chinese animals hanging on my walls.

My orchids are blooming :)

I like this Cul de Sac, and the exchange that followed it:
towerwarlock: "I have never seen a kids room look like that unless it was right after the mom trashed it looking for any narcotics the kid never had in the first place."

Michael Jantze: "Today’s strip was written by my 9-Y-O daughter (who also voices Alice in the animated shorts)…and she wrote the gag from a real conversation she and I had while looking for a sweater in her room…in reality? The candy was still in the bucket, half eatenAND there was a Christmas gift unopened! She took the original cartoon to her fourth grade class today for show and tell. Signed, a proud papa."

Dani Rice: @towerwarlock "You’ve never been to our house! The twins room got so bad my husband actually hung the beds from the ceiling to keep them from putting stuff under them."


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Nanermellon said...

Smiley. I'm going to text you right now to see if Harry is awake.

Yay orchids! I am still cultivating my colony. :)